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"Christmas is a time for ritual, for the ritual of the angels of ministration and peace, service and love’s sweet release. As you decorate your home in anticipation of the honored guest, the Christed One, will you not include with the manger scene that you erect a focus of the gold, the frankincense, the myrrh–symbols of the balance of the threefold flame–carried by the wise men who came from the East. And will you also make a daily round through the home, carrying the urn of sacred incense. Oh, let it burn away the dross, the drudgery, the darkness of a year to make way for the birth of the little one and of the Son of the Sun!

Let children be glad in the coming of Santa with his bundle of gifts. And tell them the story of good Saint Nicholas who, in honor of the Christ, provided a dowry for three poor maidens by tossing purses of gold through their open window at night. But above all, remember that the children are waiting to hear of the coming of the Christ into their house as the unseen guest. Let them place a chair for him. And while cookies are for the rosy-cheeked man with the pack on his back, let the offering of the Communion which the Lord offered to the disciples also be made ready. A piece of bread, a cup of wine–these, too, are part of your sacred shrine. 

Mothers and fathers of the new age, your children are taught by you to walk and talk with Jesus, with Moses, with Elijah and Mohammed, Confucius and the Buddha, to pray to Mary and Pope John and Saint Thérèse. If you expect them to walk and talk with the Savior, the prophets, and the saints, then allow them the joy of the ritual so native to their hearts. Let them receive their Lord in full glory!

Let them prepare the tree–each painted ball the star of a Causal Body of a favorite ascended master or one revered among the hosts of the Lord. Let them print or write the names of their precious friends and tie them to the top of the ball and then place the ball reverently, in full awareness that “lo, I AM here and lo, I AM there!”  For wherever the name of an archangel, an Elohim, an ascended being is written or spoken, there is the focus of that Electronic Presence.

Children deal with concrete realities. And their fairy friends and playmates, gnomes and elementals, come out in full array for the hustling and bustling of Christmas, the fun and the play. So many of these little ones converse with beings of other dimensions, but they fear to tell their parents. They fear the mockery of the carnal mind beset with superstitions of psychology and respectability. But with a word of encouragement, a smile, and a twinkle of the eye, children at Christmas time reenter the heaven world whence they came so recently trailing clouds of glory from the octaves of light.

Let Christmas then be for the children a renewing of old friendships and of ties on the inner planes. Let Christmas be the eternal wonder of the Christ Child born in the manger of their hearts!  And let them reenact the holy scene of Christmas Eve, taking parts as Joseph, Mary, shepherds, wise men three, of baby Jesus and of the oxen and the lamb. They are satisfied with simple dress. Let them have the costumes that are needed for their souls to be transported to that place in time and space where the Christed One descended with the very fiat of cosmic consciousness, “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!”  

Let the little children put on and become the players who played their parts in the greatest drama ever presented in time and space by the Great Dramatist himself. Almighty God is the author of this play–not a play on words, but a play on the ego and the carnality of the traditional pagan festivals celebrated at winter solstice.

Now then, let us see how the holy children put on and become the consciousness of those who have gone before in the ritual of the Holy Family, in the ritual of the incarnation of the Word. And let the lighting of the yule log be for the rekindling of the fires of the Ancient of Days,who long ago came to Terra to keep the flame of life for evolutions here below. Let the lighting of the fire and the lighting of each candle forever symbolize the igniting of the threefold flame of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of all mankind.

With a hand on the Mother and a hand on the cradle where He lies,

I AM, Uriel
Archangel of the Sixth Ray of the Christ"
Vol. 17 No. 49 – Beloved Archangel Uriel – December 8, 1974

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