“Mark and Elizabeth Prophet were the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. Trained by Ascended Master El Morya and anointed by Saint Germain, they came in the tradition of the prophets of Israel to deliver the word of the Lord in this age. Their mission was to set forth the Everlasting Gospel for the Aquarian cycle – the Great Synthesis of the teachings of the immortal gurus of East and West known as the ascended masters.


The Great White Brotherhood is that company of saints in ‘heaven’ haloed by the white light – Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Confucius, Zarathustra – serving with their disciples on earth in fulfillment of the prophecies recorded in sacred scripture for the soul freedom and enlightenment of humanity.”1


After many incarnations of service to God and man, the souls of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet ascended into the plane of the Spirit; Mark in 1973 and Elizabeth in 2009.

We as chelas of the Ascended Masters, have taken up the torch and are continuing to spread and share the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood on every continent where children of God are seeking to know  their divine identity.


1. Climb the Highest Mountain

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