“The acclamation ‘Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever!” implies the sustainment of all that God from the beginning foreknew.  Those who are afraid of religion are afraid of the Reality of themselves; for without the true religion of the Spirit, they are but ‘wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.

We would give to humanity the cup of immortality, but they must partake of it.  They must enter into its essence, into its consciousness, into its fires.  They must partake of that which God is.  This does not mean an end to themselves; it means the beginning of themselves.   For all that humanity have been is as nothing until the day that they become illumined as one body by the knowledge of the living Christ.  He is the Christ of the ages, the Everlasting One, the Prince of Peace, the Motivator by which the movements of life are coordinated.  We are not dealing, then, with a personality in the humanly accepted sense, but with the Be-ness of every man which God foreordained from the foundation of the earth. It was of this Be-ness that Christ spoke when he said, ‘Before Abraham was, I AM.” – ~El Morya

Through the mystical sense of his oneness with Life, man is transformed from a being of the ‘earth, earthy’ to a being of the Spirit.  To have the soul embody round after round upon the planet earth is an act of mercy, foreordained only until man can become that immortal creation of God which he already is.  Outer vanity and the vainglorious manifestation of the human person never can and never will eat of the Tree of Life.  Man was figuratively and literally cast out of the Garden of Eden because he failed to fulfill the purposes of life.  The only return to Eden that can every occur is that which takes place wen man walks back to is original estate and communes with God in the Garden of Being.  This goal The Brotherhood espouses for every man, because we know that herein is the power of creative Reality. – Mark/E.C. Prophet  (Climb the Highest Mountain)

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