"If we can visualize ourselves and others reaching our highest potential, if we can treat others as if they are already acting in loving ways, we will compel that highest outcome to manifest.  The more we see each other as masterful beings, the more likely we are to become masterful beings.

Holding the immaculate concept for others doesn't mean, however, that we should ignore the warnings of our heart and soul when we sense real physical, mental or emotional danger.  We don't have to condone an individual's deeds or allow him to harm us.  Although love does not judge, it is discriminating.  Although love does not harm, it is truthful.

Sometimes, the highest love is truth, especially when those we love need a wake-up call.  If you cannot support what someone is doing, you can quietly but firmly say, "This is not something I can join you in or go along with, and this is not something I can allow you to do in my presence."

Our relationships form some of the most important stepping-stones for our path of spiritual evolution. That is why it is said that in marriage we should be equally yoked." –  Alchemy of the Heart

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