“Surya is a cosmic being form Sirius.  He wields the tremendous power of the God Star Sirius, on behalf of the evolutions of earth.  Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens and is the seat of God-government for this sector of the galaxy.

His flame is an intense blue tinged with white.  He appears in the mythology and religion of India as both the Sun and the Sun God.  The Sanskrit word surya comes from the root sur or svar, meaning “to shine”.

From Sirius, Surya hold the balance for natural forces in the earth and is very much involved with the Lord Jesus Christ in the judgment of the fallen angels.  He has promised to place his Electronic Presence wherever you are and whever the fallen angels are on the entire face of the earth.   You can visualize this mighty being Surya anywhere and everywhere on the face of the earth, seated in the lotus posutre as a might Budda of light. ~ The Masters and their Retreats


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