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“Scientists may create animal and even human life in a test tube, but the will never be able to create the substance out of which all things are formed – “the stuff that dreams are made of.” They will only be able to transform energy from one of its myriad manifestations to another – never to create or destroy it.  Although they wrest the secrets of Nature, they must still bow before the Creator of all energy and life.  The fact that something cannot come from nothing leads the seeker for Reality to probe the cause behind the world of effect in which we live.

Now, when we consider that by definition creation implies creator, even as effect implies cause, whether some choose man as creator while others see only God as Creator does not matter; for man is destined to become a co-creator with God.  The fact that man can create does not disprove the existence of the Supreme Creator, nor does it make His existence unnecessary.  On the contrary, the fact that it is necessary for man to create only confirms the great principle of being, that in order for man to be, to think, or to create, someone had to do so before him.  That One was fully known by him who declared, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”  Therefore he created.  And he left a record for the ages – for all who would go and do likewise.” (Climb the Highest Mountain)

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