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"For when the autumn does come and the leaves do separate from the tree—and as the air itself holds them up for a moment, for they dash not to the ground as a stone—they twist and turn as the wind does blow, and eventually are safely and beautifully, gently dropped upon the grass. So is everyone who commends himself to God’s care. For he himself, regardless of outer circumstances or conditions, will always, whether falling or rising, rise or fall into the hands of God. This is the inevitability of life.

And as I speak to you tonight, it is to say to you that the reason why this activity comes under attack is entirely one of humanity themselves needing what the activity has to offer—a higher contact with our octave of light.

We hold your attention in this talk simply that we may bathe your inner bodies with our wisdom, that the fires of our wisdom may contact your souls and charge them with our radiance. The reason we hold the speech this long is in order to give you a greater measure of our blessedness and bliss.

But don’t you understand, precious ones, that this activity is actually the greatest activity in outer manifestation upon this planet that is actually bringing to humanity, if they will accept it, the fullness of their freedom? Do you not see clearly, precious hearts of light, that this freedom is a challenge to the dark powers that hold the world in bondage?

They do not want the cycle of their ideas broken, even though there is no actual thread that runs through the substance of the world’s thought to hold it together. They still would maintain the semblance of order in the chaos that manifests in their world, as mounting traffic accidents and outer conditions continue to rob mankind of his inheritance. But we are concerned solely with the transmittal of the fruits of immortal Life into manifestation.

O beloved ones, our love for you tonight is so great because we see you as stepping stones to the world’s thought. Each of you is, then, an ambassador of love and light to the world. To the extent that you apply yourself to our words, you will be able to function as a more effective emissary of our cosmic grace and of His love." Vol. 26 No. 15 – Beloved Gautama Buddha – April 10, 1983

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