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Elementals Keep the Balance of Forces in the Earth
Elementals honor those who honor the Law. And by edict of the Karmic Board elemental life, with such precision as you have viewed, may enter a town, may deliver a tornado that is a vortex of returning karma of the past ten thousand years to the life-streams of that town; and they may deliver destruction and certain death on nine people out of a town of three or four hundred, specifi­cally, whether child or adult, and no others will be touched. One is taken, another is left. Some in battle stand and the one next [to them] may fall. Vol. 27 No. 50a – Beloved Omri-Tas – October 17, 1984

Inasmuch as these initiations shall become widespread, the Darjeeling Council upon the direction of Helios and Vesta, God Parents of this solar system, have determined to bring to your attention that you [are called] to live the life of one whose path has become the path of Agni Yoga, the yoga of fire. Thereby you will be an example as well as hold the balance for others who may be taken by surprise, may be swept out of the way by storm or flood or tornado–whose karma does come upon them, for the [garnering of the] fire [of the heart] did not precede that descent of karma. Vol. 34 No. 10 – The Beloved Maha Chohan – March 10, 1991

Beloved ones, as we have therefore encountered in the earth the misuse of Love, we see first and foremost the disruption of elemental life in their service to you and to all people. The force of witchcraft and black magic as any act of hatred, conscious or subconscious, has resulted in inclement weather, loss of life, death in tornado and flood.
Therefore, for the sealing of earth for the release of Helios and Vesta we must begin this day with the work with elemental life–the offering of the ritual of [the creation of] Saint Germain’s cloud [of energy] to the balancing of the four elements, to the drawing forth [of] precipitation in this area and [to] the setting of the climate as it should be for the coming of Helios in the Inner Retreat. [And we ask you to give the ritual of the cloud] for the binding of the nefarious forces (whether in or out of embodiment) of world manipulation of weather patterns, whether [such manipulation be] used as an implement of warfare or as an attempt to discourage and malign nations.
Thus we appeal and we set free the elementals under their four hierarchs to work this day for the steadying of the earth, the atmospheric conditions, their reception of the solar anomalies and the activities in the heart of the physical sun which do hold the balance for the earth. Vol. 32 No. 11 – Beloved Heros and Amora – March 12, 1989
For without the elementals, what would you do?  Blessed hearts, they can scarcely contain and hold back the darkness that comes upon the earth–the eruption of tornadoes and all that you have seen, even in the United States.
Remember the four hierarchs of the elements and all elemental beings. I tell you, there are millions and even billions of elementals waiting to receive the threefold flame. May you, as sons and daughters of God, love them as your very own precious children.  And know them, beloved. For they, too, would graduate, and in that graduation they will be able to contribute mightily to the victory of this planet.
We also ask you, beloved–in the name Virgo and Pelleur, in the names that we bear–to realize that many among the hierarchs of the elementals are yet imprisoned by truly devastating ones, fallen angels, et cetera, who come even from other planetary bodies. Blessed ones, take care, then, that you send oceans and oceans of violet flame to the elementals. For they must earn their threefold flame little by little, and you must stand by them as their parents, mother and father.  Vol. 41 No. 18 – Beloved Virgo and Pelleur – May 3, 1998
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