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"This Christmas Eve, as Christ is born within you to live to do the Father’s work every day of the balance of your life, receive then the seven archangels into your midst.

Yes, God will multiply himself in earth as in heaven through the dedication of simple hearts, tender hearts, intelligent hearts who know unerringly the science of being:  that only as God lives within them–as a sacred fire inter­penetrating atoms, molecules, and cells of consciousness–can they live to know and see him as he is, yea, to be in him simply the fullness of himself. For, as poets and apostles have confirmed, in him we live and move and have our being, for we are also his offspring.

And it shall come to pass because he has willed it so, O mortal. And because you have willed to make that will your own, I say, you are no more mortal but immortal!–yes, here and now in time and space.  It is his mandate: For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality!

So, then, mount the mountain of adversity, of sin, disease, and death–of your sowings and your reapings that are unreal. And let the Flame of Life, the rising caduceus of Alpha and Omega, burst from the fiery core of that Matter miscreation to consume by Trinity’s light the mountain of karmic adversity.

Now raise up instead, with Christmas angels winging in and the Spirit of the Resurrection conflagration, a mountain of blessedness. That billowing, blazing, rainbow radiance will realign the energy of your being until you behold the mountain of adversity now become the Great Pyramid of Life. And that Great Pyramid, my beloved, is your very own Ascension Hill, the place you have prepared for the Word to incarnate in Matter and in Spirit.

It is upon that Ascension Hill that we stand this Christmastide. For some, it is in the etheric plane waiting to be made manifest by the good works of devotees of the will of God–by the geometry of their very own self-awareness in the star of the Christmas pageant. Others will see at Camelot a hill named Ascension Hill by devotees of the mysteries of the Holy Grail as the place to contemplate His word:  “I go to prepare a place for you…that where I AM, there ye may be also,” a place to renew the vow to the Ancient of Days  made by every son and daughter of God come to earth to bring peace, goodwill, enlightenment, and love:

“Lord God Almighty, I go forth in thy name to bring to thy children upon earth the message of the way back Home, the memory of Alpha and Omega, and the understanding of the ascent through thy Word incarnate in the white light of Mother. I will live again and again to rekindle hearts to the very love of thee, O my Lord.”

Blessed ones, tarry with us this Christmas season. Meditate, contemplate, and activate the light of the Holy of Holies within you as we gather round to dedicate the Star of His Presence reborn within you, O ye blessed of the Most High.


~from the book, "Mysteries of the Holy Grail"

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