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"Above all, do not be jealous of those who may be more successful than you in their application of the science of intermediate alchemy. Remember that it is practice that makes perfect, that it is motive that transfigures design, that it is beauty that transfixes the soul.

Thus the loving purposes of God come to fruition in man as He originally intended them to do, for the Garden of Eden was a place where the beauty of communion with the Lord and the understanding of his laws could be imparted to man.  It was intended to be the most beautiful school in all the world, where the dreams of God could flow through the branches of the tall trees, where the billowing clouds of morning, of noon, of even would be highlighted by the sacred glow of the luminous sun, "a light to light the day."  Lament not, for the Edenic school shall be reestablished in this day and age to fulfill the plan of paradise ere the golden age shall manifest.  And it shall appear when enough alchemists of the Spirit unite in the common goal of bearing witness to the truth.

Now let us place our attention upon the science of picturization, for without it nothing shall appear.  You will find this science illustrated in the story of Jacob, who used alchemy to increase the numbers of his cattle.  Visualization is important to the alchemist, because it is the overlay of his visualization upon the creative cloud that actually produces the miracle of alchemical manifestation." –  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy (St. Germain)

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