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Happy New Year

"At the very beginning of this year, when hope’s vision of health, happiness, and abundance of all good is obediently and expectantly awaiting fulfillment for each one, accept as being active for you now my decree—given with the loving confidence of the ascended host in the quick fulfillment thereof, that this year may practically bring into outer manifestation for each one all of the dreams, aspirations and constructive desires—especially for those of mankind who care enough about the welfare of the masses to serve our “Cause”—endeavoring to love life free from the many unfortunate impositions of distress which it has endured so long.

From Shamballa, in the glory of this majestic dawn of 1959 (which is so full of promise for God’s will to manifest to, for and through all men), I salute (and thereby permanently expand) your very own Christ-light. As the temple bells ring out this New Year’s Day from our City of Light (Shamballa—over the Gobi Desert) their message is the joyful revealing to all the earth of the Father’s gift of divine forgiveness! His forgiveness is not only a giving of the light-substance of his love in the place of all human shadows, but a complete forgetfulness of those shadows as well.

As you have been told, at the close of each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the mercy of the Great Cosmic Law always allows a certain tremendous “mass” purification of earth’s evolutions and atmosphere—the transmuting of all unintentional mistakes made during the past year. This is a “mass” forgiveness—freely offered and permitted, irrespective of mankind’s conscious call therefor. In this way is so much energy set free which, unintentionally, had been imprisoned in discord—thus enabling the New Year to have a fresh beginning, with much greater opportunity for the quicker fulfillment of God’s great plan of perfection. Is it not written: “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God…” and is it not also written: “My grace (the use of the violet fire) is sufficient for thee…”"

POW Vol. 1 No. 21 – Gautama Buddha – 12:01 A.M. –New Years 1959



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