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“Serving on the pink plume of God’s love and representing the third person of  the Trinity are the angelic hots of light – agents of the Holy Spirit – to whom was given the holy ordination of ministering to the needs of both men and elementals.  Under the direction of the Archangels and their divine complements, called Archeiai, the angels respond instantaneously to the decrees of the Father – Mother God.

These transformers of God’s love were designed to infuse the creation with the cohesive force of the Holy Spirit – the binding energy released in all creative action, which brings into focus the power of the spoken Word.

The angels were created out of Spirit’s own essence to sustain the magnificent feelings of the Creator throughout the universe.  Their assignment is to infuse men and elementals with the qualities necessary for planning and executing the will and wisdom of God in form:  faith, hope and charity; peace, understanding and compassion; purity, comfort and healing; mercy, forgiveness and such praise of eternal life as would unite men and elementals in service to their Creator and in love to one another. ” ~The Masters and the Spiritual Path, pg. 253.

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