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“What, then, is the soul, how does one care for the soul, and what is soul evolution all about?  We must ask ourselves this question because our knowledge of the condition of our souls is the key to our success on the spiritual path.

For starts, we can think of the soul as a glisteningly transparent sphere that is constantly evolving–or devolving. The soul is the mortal part of ourselves that can become immortal–that must become immortal if she is to survive. To achieve immortality, the soul must be fused, or bonded, to her Higher Self, who is her Holy Christ Self. Yes, until this bonding takes place, the soul is impermanent and therefore can be lost.

This is why souls who are not tethered to their Higher Self are in jeopardy on planet earth. Any one of us can lose our soul and become a castaway by blaspheming God or tormenting our soul (or another’s soul) until the soul welcomes death as a surcease from physical and spiritual abuse. The Blessed Mother Mary has implored us to pray to God daily to send his angels to rescue souls who will be lost if we do not call for divine intercession in their behalf. Let us respond to her plea with soul fervor.

Have you ever thought about the fact that in this life and past lives you might have neglected the development of your soul, choosing instead to develop your human ego?  Or that you might not have nurtured your soul–this essential “life-essence” that mirrors both your personality and the Personality of God?  What you have drawn from these two personalities, how you have integrated the two and incorporated them into your unique soul awareness, actually defines your soul identity.

If you have walled off your soul from the rest of yourself and disconnected your soul from your personality and the Personality of God, you are at a standstill in your spiritual evolution. And if you don’t know it, you’re even worse off: you’re in a minus position.

Our souls are wise. Our souls know the past and its application to the present and the future. And they see the immediacy of the moment. The soul is highly sensitive and at the same time she is innocent and defenseless. She is vulnerable to astral forces. She is impressionable and easily led astray. She is often colored by her surroundings. She suffers when subjected to violence of any kind. She is wounded by mental and emotional toxins and by physical or verbal abuse. Our souls urgently need our comfort and consolation, our soothing words. They need to know that we will protect them from all harm.

The Ascended Masters have referred to the soul as the child who lives inside of us. Psychologists have dubbed the soul “the inner child.” The soul by any other name is still the soul. And we are her parents and teachers, even as we are her students.

It is our responsibility to daily impress upon the soul what is right–what is real and of enduring worth and therefore must be kept–and what is wrong–what is not real and not of enduring worth and therefore must not be kept but cast into the sacred fire.

As parents, we can lovingly care for our souls as we would care for our children or we can neglect our souls and become creatures of our own self-neglect, i.e., soul-neglect. Proverbs says, “Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  These words refer to one’s soul as well as to one’s offspring.

The Ascended Masters do not intend that we should be led around by every whim of our souls even as they do not intend that we should be led around by every whim of our children. Since the soul is our child until she comes of age, we must love and protect, instruct and discipline her on the spiritual path.”
– Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the” FREEDOM 1995: Soul Evolution Conference”,  June 24- July 4, 1995.

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