"The Summit Lighthouse was founded as an outer arm of  The Great White Brotherhood, which is a spiritual order of Hierarchy, an organization of Ascended Masters united for the highest purposes of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.  The word "white" refers not to race, but to the white Light of the Christ that surrounds the saints and sages of all ages who have risen from every nation to be counted among the immortals."1

"In 1958, Mark Prophet, was 'called' by the Ascended Master El Morya to found The Summit Lighthouse.  This activity was to bring forth the lost teachings of Jesus and carry on the work started by the "I AM" Activity and the Bridge to Freedom – teaching mankind how to use the power of the spoken Word to invoke the Light and assistance of God and his emissaries.

In the beginning of this Activity there were just a few who caught the vision.  But that number grew steadily and the movement continued to publish and distribute weekly messages (or letters) from the Masters called Pearls of Wisdom.   In addition to these printed messages, Mark received "dictations" from the Masters, usually given before a live audience.  The majority of them are recorded and available from The Summit Lighthouse. " 2

1. ~ Climb the Highest Mountain
2. ~All For the Love of God



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